Interested in advertising your business with us? We provide a ton of advertising options to help you gain the best readership.

Here’s what we offer:

Sponsored Articles

Sailing sound works in close collaboration with consumers to produce well-written and comprehensive reviews and articles. Our mission is to inspire and provide a fresh perspective to be translated to the reader base and instill your brand message. All sponsored articles must appear on the homepage as they will be pinned on social media sites for maximum exposure.

Sponsored Newsletters

Got a message to want to tell? We’ve got the audience ready to hear it! We will help you send out customized emails that are complete with links and images to display your brand.

Sponsored Guides

At Sailing Sound, we value the opportunity to provide full versions of articles where buyers can benefit from the guides. As our reviews are meant to provide a variety of tech gadgets, we look to guides as a popular choice for advertisers. Readers can take advantage of these guides as they can be converted into PDF versions for easy sharing and distribution online.

Displayed Advertisements

Sailing Sound provides brands the opportunity to display their ads on our page. We can help promote eye-catching, customizable and engaging ads that will appeal to our readers. Display ads are among the most flexible options we offer in advertising. We aim to help drive brand awareness on both desktop and mobile devices.

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