What to Look for When Choosing a Gaming Headset

Regardless of how excellent the sound may be; having the right headset will make all the difference in how you game. Whether you are playing on the PC, PS4 or even the Xbox One, a quality gaming headset will step up your entire gaming experience and take playing to the next level.

With some headphones being sold on the market, choosing one is a struggle for many. When you’re racing solo or communicating with your team in enemy territory, the gaming headset you want will put you in the game or leave you feeling like the odd one out.

Essentially, you will find a pair of headphones that come with a microphone, audio interface, and a mixer. As this is to be expected from most gaming headsets, we will discuss what qualities, features and battery life your gaming headset should have.

In this short guide, we will help you find what to look for when choosing a gaming headset.

Wired versus Wireless

Wired headsets offer instant gratification of the plug and play with no set up required. Users will be able to appreciate the sound quality and become less prone to interference in gameplay. However, wired headsets are limited to the length of the cable and may tangle.

A wireless headset will give you the freedom to move without being tired down. The advantage is that a wireless headset will cost less than wired headphones. Keep in mind that a wireless headset does produce less sound quality unless you choose to purchase a high-end headset.

Quality of Sound and Microphone

Whether you plan to communicate with your team or listen to the side comments of the game, not all headphones will fit your needs. Do you need a mic with a mute button? How sound-sensitive do you want the microphone to be? This will help determine what you should look for in sounds for your headset.

Open Air

An open-air headset will provide a natural sound to the users. However, buyers should consider that this type of headset is more likely to bleed through the room and disturb other listeners.

Got any favorite gaming headsets you like to use or plan on buying? Comment below and let us know!

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