Top 3 Gaming Desktops Under $500

Looking to purchase a new gaming system for your desktop? Many beginners often ask the same question: “how much will it cost?”

The answer is, with the right tools and knowledge; you can build your gaming desktop with as little as $200. However, if you are looking for a decent gaming system, you will need to spend around $500.

Here are the top three gaming desktops under $500

CybertronPC Borg-Q TGM4213

The Borg-Q is a well-built computer with great specs. With a tower, mouse, and keyboard, all you need is a monitor to start. Borg-Q offers 1 TB hard drive, 8 GB of DD3 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT610 graphics card, and AMD FX-4130 quad-core processor.

While the specs might seem like the basics, the FX-4130 is a decent processor. It offers an excellent performance that can manage plenty of computer tasks. The graphic cards are a bit dated to perform at a decent level, so we do recommend purchasing a higher card. Overall, the CybertronPC Borg-Q TGM4213 is a favorite as a budget desktop as it provides quality overall.

CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D

Another Cybertron on the list is the PC Patriot GM1293D. This affordable gaming PC provides a decent balance in power and design. The system RAM runs at 8GB with 11TB of data. The Patriot also comes with an AMD Radeon HD 7480D graphics card and 1 G of VRAM.

With a speed of 42 frames per second, the PC still provides a playable experience. However, this may bother expert gamers who aren’t used to 60 fps. Overall, the PC Patriot GM1293D is a good budget gaming desktop that offers a lag-free experience.

Alienware Steam Machine with Intel Core i3

The best thing you can do when buying a new computer is to consider the Alienware Steam Machine. All you have to do it buy it, set it up and get ready to play. The Intel Core i3 includes a great quad core processor with a graphic card, Maxwell-manufactured NVIDIA GTX and 2GB of DDR5.

The performance of the Alienware Steam Machine is quite similar to a PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. If you are looking for a desktop that requires minimal setup, the Alienware Steam Machine is an excellent choice.

Got any favorite gaming desktops that we missed? Comment below and let us know!

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